Venice, the city of water. For centuries Venice has been made famous by the material that most profoundly represents its enchanting history and fluid terrain, glass.

As early as the nineteen eighties, Stephano and Daniele Attombri caught much attention and acclaim with their unique design that seems to move amid the fertile terrain of both fashion and fine art. The Attombri brothers work within a particular contemporary key. A skillful balance has been struck between the materials of old and new and the blend of both traditional Venetian technique and innovation. Venetian antiquity merges with ethnic patterning, mythology and avant-garde style. The surprising selection of materials such as copper, silver and Murano glass beads of old intertwine to render a look that is timeless.

In keeping with their design, the Attombri brothers can be found in either of their atelier working in the traditional style of the Venetian pearl stringers, while carefully turning wire to link in architectural and industrial design elements of contemporary innovation. Gorgeous chandeliers, lamps and decorative elements are designed to enhance the the look of any decor. Wearing the work of Attombri is another experience entirely. One of a kind pieces echo the qualities of Venetian heirlooms and seamlessly transition from traditional to trace the curve of a woman’s neck in an exquisite contemporary line. In turn, they have rendered a particular look that seems to capture the essence of femininity and the sophistication of the contemporary woman that can only be called ATTOMBRI.

The success of Attombri has been responsible for bringing a Venetian flavor to faraway places, from the Untied States, to the runways of Europe, to the Far East. Attombri has been both collected and treasured by women of distinction throughout the world and for years has been the preferred choice of Antonella Ruggiero, singer and icon of style, for her public performances. Stephano and Daniele Attombri have had the pleasure of collaborating with members of the fashion world, including Dolce and Gabbana, Romeo Gigli and Pauly. In 2006, Attombri won the New Talent Prize offered by More, the fair jewel in Milan, for a unique line of work inspired by mythology and created in collaboration with renown and talented glass artist, Lucio Bubacco.